Creative Gift Basket Wrapping Ideas | Make Them Smile Gifts (2024)

  • How to Wrap a Gift Basket with Cellophane
  • How to Wrap a Gift Basket without Cellophane
  • How to Wrap a Fruit Basket
  • How to Tie a Gift Basket Bow

It’s so fun to receive a gift basket! Once you unwrap it, you get to investigate what goodies are inside. Whether it’s filled with gourmet food like chocolates and cheese or healthy snacks like exotic fruits, you’ll always find something you like inside! So what are some ways to wrap a gift basket you may ask? The first step is to select the perfect basket boxes or beautiful baskets to fit all your gifts in. Picking some unique gift basket containers can make all the difference! Hopefully these useful links and videos below will help spark some creativity to make your gift basket wrapping extra special!

How to Wrap a Gift Basket with Cellophane

The first material you would probably think of to use as a gift basket wrapper is cellophane. It’s a great material to use to keep all the pieces of your gift basket together and it’s transparent so you can see clearly what’s inside! You can’t go wrong with using cellophane so check out this useful page for step-by-step instructions on how to put tissue paper in a gift basket and then wrapping it with cellophane!

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If you’re looking for a short video on how to wrap a basket with cellophane, then the video below is all you need! They show you using a basket and a box so you can learn how to do it both ways! The video is quick and clear so you won’t have to worry you can’t follow along!

If you have a heat gun laying around the house, once you’re done wrapping your gift basket with cellophane, you can even shrink wrap it! On Love Create Celebrate, they explained to you exactly how to do that with very little hassle!

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Source: Love Create Celebrate.

How to Wrap a Gift Basket without Cellophane

Although cellophane is probably the most popular choice of wrapping for a gift basket but if you think outside the box, there are other unique basket wrapping ideas! DIY Quickly provides many innovative gift basket packaging ideas like using a towel, tablecloth, aluminum foil, and even a scarf! It might be a bit out of the ordinary but it still works! Here are some other unconventional ways to wrap a gift basket!

Method #1: Wrapping with tulle. Tulle is a light fabric that looks like a netting and it makes an elegant material to wrap a gift basket in! You can still see everything that’s in the basket and you can finish off with a bow for gift basket. Definitely not a material you would think of to use but if you have it handy around the house, it makes a cool wrapping for a gift basket!

Method #2: Using tissue paper. If you don’t really need to have a plastic wrap around your gift basket then using simply tissue paper may be more than enough to make your gift basket look pretty! In the video below, they show you how to put together a spa gift basket by using only tissue paper as wrapping. This is an easy and simple method that should only be used if you don’t think your gifts will fall out of the box!

Method #3: No wrapping at all! If you have a big enough basket and you know the items won’t fall out, you don’t really need to wrap it with anything! Simply adding a bow or a ribbon will easily make it beautiful! In this video, they teach you how to wrap a fruit basket with minimal wrapping, straightforward and perfect for the people who are not too artsy!

How to Wrap a Fruit Basket

If you’re looking for more information on how to prepare your fruit basket, this page from Citrus US will give you some useful tips! Feed your family tonight also shows you how to assemble a fruit basket from scratch using a cellophane bag. There are many ways to make a fruit basket look elegant so check out these cool fruit basket wrapping ideas!

Method #1: Wrapping with saran wrap. To make sure your fruits stay in one place in your gift basket, using saran wrap to have it tightly packaged is a great idea! It allows you to stack the fruits quite high without them rolling all over the place and falling out. The video below shows how you can neatly package a fruit basket and how to decorate it!

Method #2: Making a fruit bouquet. A unique way to package a fruit basket is to form a bouquet instead! You’ll have to use plenty of skewers to display yours fruits individually so it’s quite time consuming but the final product is quite elegant and creative so it’s worth investing the time to do one for your loved ones’ birthday or to celebrate any special occasion!

How to Tie a Gift Basket Bow

What makes a gift basket wrapping stand out is the ribbon on top! Although it may look easy (I guess it kinda looks comparable to tying your shoelace lol) but if you want it to make it really nice, there are some special techniques! Here are some elegant ways to tie a gift basket bow!

Method #1: Using double ribbon. Shiho Masuda shows us in the video below a fancy way to wrap a gift basket but she also spends half the video showing us how to form a double ribbon! The bow completely elevates the gift basket wrapping by a lot. It’s quite straightforward to follow so you won’t run into any problems while following her instructions!

Method #2: Using floral wire and ribbon. If you want to try another way of tying a ribbon to a gift basket, you should check out eHow’s page and the video below! They explain to you how to use floral wire to form a pretty bow for gift baskets. It’s not difficult at all and it gives a beautiful effect! The floral wire is used to assemble the bow together but it’s also used to tie it to the basket, killing two birds with one stone!

I love receiving gift baskets because you’re receiving so many small goodies in one big package! So if you’re considering making a thoughtful gift basket for your loved ones, I hope the information above allows you to come up with a beautiful way to package it! Whether you use plastic wrap or simply tying a ribbon to a basket, remember it’s the thought that counts and they’ll love you for the effort!

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Now, let's dive into the concepts mentioned in the article you provided.

How to Wrap a Gift Basket with Cellophane

To wrap a gift basket with cellophane, you can follow these steps:

  1. Select a suitable basket or box for your gifts.
  2. Place tissue paper in the basket to create a base.
  3. Arrange the gifts inside the basket.
  4. Pull the cellophane tightly around the basket, ensuring all the items are covered.
  5. Secure the cellophane with tape or a ribbon.
  6. Optionally, you can use a heat gun to shrink wrap the cellophane for a neat finish.

For more detailed instructions, you can refer to the page mentioned in the article: .

How to Wrap a Gift Basket without Cellophane

If you prefer not to use cellophane, there are alternative ways to wrap a gift basket. Here are a few ideas mentioned in the article:

  1. Wrapping with tulle: Tulle is a light fabric that can be used to wrap a gift basket. It allows you to see the contents of the basket while adding an elegant touch. You can finish it off with a bow.
  2. Using tissue paper: If you don't need a plastic wrap, tissue paper can be a simple and pretty alternative. It works well for gift baskets that don't require extra protection.
  3. No wrapping at all: If the basket is large enough and the items won't fall out, you can skip the wrapping and simply add a bow or ribbon to make it beautiful.

How to Wrap a Fruit Basket

To wrap a fruit basket, you can consider the following methods:

  1. Wrapping with saran wrap: Using saran wrap can help keep the fruits in place and prevent them from rolling around. It allows you to stack the fruits without worrying about them falling out. You can also decorate the wrapped fruit basket for an attractive presentation.
  2. Making a fruit bouquet: Instead of traditional wrapping, you can create a fruit bouquet by individually skewering the fruits. This method requires more time and effort but can result in an elegant and creative presentation.

For more tips on preparing fruit baskets, you can refer to the page from Citrus US mentioned in the article.

How to Tie a Gift Basket Bow

The ribbon on top of a gift basket can add a special touch. Here are a couple of methods mentioned in the article:

  1. Using double ribbon: This method, demonstrated in a video by Shiho Masuda, involves forming a double ribbon to elevate the gift basket wrapping. The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow .
  2. Using floral wire and ribbon: Another way to tie a ribbon to a gift basket is by using floral wire. This method, explained in a video by eHow, creates a pretty bow and also helps secure the ribbon to the basket.

Remember, the presentation of a gift basket is an opportunity to showcase your creativity and thoughtfulness. Choose a method that suits your preferences and the occasion.

I hope this information helps you in wrapping your gift baskets creatively! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Creative Gift Basket Wrapping Ideas | Make Them Smile Gifts (2024)
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