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With monthly membership fees starting from as low as $10, Planet Fitness is perhaps the most affordable gym anywhere in the United States. With more than 600 clubs around the country and 30 years of presence in the Fitness domain, Planet Fitness is quite a popular gym choice for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Those two factors- a trust built over three decades and the cheapest possible pricing, made Planet Fitness a popular gym choice for Americans.

And in this article, we will guide you through Planet Fitness prices and membership cost details. So, read along, and learn all you need to know about different costs around membership at PF.

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What Will I Learn?

Planet Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

Given below are the general prices of different types of Planet Fitness memberships.

Planet Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

Planet Fitness Black Card

Unlimited Access to all clubs

Startup/Initiation Fee


Annual Fee (12 month membership)


Monthly Fee


Cancellation Fee


Planet Fitness Classic

One club access, but unlimited access to facilities

Startup/Initiation Fee


Annual Fee


Monthly Fee


Cancellation Fee


Planet Fitness No commitment Membership

One club access, but unlimited access to facilities

Startup/Initiation Fee


Annual Fee


Monthly Dues


Cancellation Fee


Those were the general Planet Fitness membership cost for single individuals. Additionally, different clubs may have some extra packages for couple memberships and other options. To learn about final rates, do contact them directly.

Also, the prices listed above were general, and the final cost depends on which club you choose to be your home club. Because, Planet Fitness clubs, although come under the chain, are managed and owned by different parties.

How much does Planet Fitness cost?

With monthly membership fees starting from as low as $10, there is no doubt that Planet Fitness is among the cheapest gym options in the United States.

And such cheap pricing at Planet Fitness can also be attributed to their beginning. The gym originated as a cooperative organization back in the 90s and has been providing affordable gym membership options to Americans ever since.

The $10 per month is the starting Planet Fitness price, for the classic membership.

If you can add a few more bucks, you can grab a Planet Fitness Black Card. Using a PF black card membership, you can access even more facilities, including the freedom to visit any Planet Fitness club anywhere in the US.

You can grab a Planet Fitness black card by paying a nominal initiation fee of $1.00 and a yearly fee of $39.00. After that, your fee will be $22.99 per month.

With a Planet Fitness Black Card, you can:

  • Use of Any Planet Fitness In United States, or Worldwide
  • Unlimited Access to Home Club
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Use of Tanning and hydro massage
  • Bring a Guest Anytime
  • Worldwide Travel Deals
  • 50% Off Drinks
  • PF Black Card T-Shirt
  • Free Fitness Training
  • 20% off at

Now, if you are looking for the literal cheapest gym membership, you can go for the classic Planet Fitness membership. You can grab a classic membership for $10, along with an annual fee of $39.00.

Now comes the interesting part, for a planet Fitness classic membership, you will have to pay only $10.00 per month.

But keep in mind, you may not be able to enjoy the perks of black card membership. For instance, you can visit only your home gym. But, you can access Free Wi-Fi, and some clubs may also offer fitness trainer services free of cost.

For both these memberships, you will have to sign contracts, usually of 12 months. There are no fees to cancel or freeze your Planet Fitness membership. However, in order to cancel your membership, you need to give a 30-day notice.

Another option available for you at Planet Fitness is the annual one time membership, which you can obtain by paying a one-time fee of $199 for a year. Using this plan, however, you can enjoy the perks of the classic membership only.

And, if you are looking for a gym membership with no strings attached, you can also opt for their no-commitment membership plan. Such a plan will cost you $15 a month, along with an initiation fee of $15 and an annual fee of 39 dollars.

Speaking of guest passes and free trials at Planet Fitness, most clubs usually won’t charge you anything. For more details about guest passes and free trials, contact the club near you.

Besides all these membership options, you can also avail great deals and discounts. To avail them, you can grab special coupons and vouchers, or even get some discounted deals by visiting a club in person.

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How much does it cost to join Planet Fitness?

The cost of joining Planet Fitness depends on what kind of membership you opt for.

If you want a PF black card, their premium membership plan, then your initiation fee will be just 1 dollar.

However, if you wish to take Planet Fitness’s ordinary classic membership, then you may have to pay $10 as the initiation fee. Also, if you want a no-commitment type plan, as you might expect, you may have to pay a bit more. That is, to start a Planet Fitness no commitment membership, you will have to pay $15 as the joining fee.

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Planet Fitness monthly membership fee

The Planet Fitness monthly fee also depends on which kind of membership you choose.

The monthly fee for different kinds of Planet Fitness memberships are listed here:

  • PF black card monthly fee- $22.99
  • PF classic Monthly fee- $10
  • PF no commitment Monthly fee- $15

How Much Is My Planet Fitness annual fee?

Regardless of what plan you choose, you will have to pay $39 as an annual Planet Fitness membership fee. This applies to Black card, classic, as well as no commitment Planet Fitness memberships.

How much is the PF Black Card?

Considering all those facilities and unlimited access, a PF Black Card is actually cheap.

Generally, you can grab a PF black card for as low as $1.00 and an annual fee of $39.00. Thereafter, your monthly Planet Fitness Black card fee will be $22.99.

Is Planet Fitness black card no commitment?

Mostly not. Often, Planet Fitness Black Card memberships come with a contract, usually of 12 months.

However, some clubs may offer additional promo offers in which you can combine a black card membership with a no-commitment kind one.

Is Planet Fitness a 12 month commitment?

Yes, unless you opt for the no-commitment plan, planet Fitness is mostly a 12 month membership.

However, some clubs may separately offer 6 month, 18 month or similar duration packages. For more details, you can contact the club near you.

Is Planet Fitness really only $10 a month?

Yes, if you take a Classic Planet Fitness membership, you need to pay only $10 bucks a month. And that is roughly the same as one month’s Netflix subscription!

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Why did Planet Fitness charge me $40?

Yeah, Planet Fitness will charge you $40 when you get your membership. This is the annual fee, which is applicable to almost every membership plan at PF.

Can I go to Planet Fitness with a past due balance?

Yes is the short answer. Technically, you can go to Planet Fitness with a past due balance. However, eventually, you will certainly have to pay off your dues, as you have already signed the contract.

And if you are using your credit card, you know, membership fee dues may affect your credit score.

Can I pay for one year at Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can pay for an entire year at Planet Fitness. For that, you need to pay $199 (excluding taxes and other fees) and then enjoy your Planet Fitness membership for 12 months straight without paying fees on a monthly basis.

In that plan, however, you will be getting the classic Planet Fitness membership with which you can access only the home gym, along with free Wi-Fi and Fitness training.

And to learn whether your local Planet Fitness club has one year long Black card plans, contact them directly.

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Planet Fitness Deals & Discounts

There are plenty of special deals and discounts around for Planet Fitness memberships, although they may vary according to time and location.

Firstly, you can grab some coupons and promo codes using which, you can avail great discounts. These deals may vary from time to time and hence, we are not discussing them specifically here.

Here is an example of how to grab Planet Fitness coupons- most clubs do give coupons worth great discounts on the first day of every month.

Therefore, you can visit the club near you on the first of a month, and enquire about special coupons, deals, and discounts.

  • 50% Off Drinks [PF BLACK CARD]
  • 20% off at [PF BLACK CARD]

Can I go to any Planet Fitness with my membership?

If you have the Planet Fitness Black Card, you can go to any club located at around 600 locations inside the United States.

Also, they claim you can even visit any Planet Fitness anywhere around the globe. Planet Fitness does have clubs in other few countries like Canada, Mexico, and Australia (list not complete).

Can I freeze my Planet Fitness membership?

You can freeze your Planet Fitness classes but mostly, only for medical reasons. If you have some medical situations, you can contact the gym directly and submit a request to put your membership on hold.

As always, individual clubs may have their own policies. Therefore, contacting them directly will be the perfect thing to do.

How much does it cost to cancel Planet Fitness membership?

Normally, there is no cost to cancel a Planet Fitness membership. It applies to black card, classic and obviously, no commitment members.

Is it hard to cancel Planet Fitness membership?

We won’t lie. It may not be quite easy to cancel a Planet Fitness membership. Why do we say so? It’s not about any hidden cost. Rather, the issue is that there is currently no option to submit a cancellation request online, which most other gyms allow.

That means, you may need to visit the club in person, and submit the request physically.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is, you have to submit your Planet Fitness membership cancellation request at least 30 days prior. But if you have signed for a contract of a certain duration, your membership will be automatically cancelled after the time period, and you won’t have to do anything extra in such cases.

Planet Fitness Initiation Fee

Yeah, there are certain initiation fees that you will have to pay while taking a Planet Fitness membership.

However, for the black card and classic memberships, the initiation fee will be only $1.00, and $10 respectively. Those are not big numbers. And if you take a non-commitment membership, you need to pay $15 as the startup fee.

Planet Fitness Trial Fee/ Planet Fitness guest fee

You can trial Planet Fitness for free. And you can avail a free trial class once every 90 days.

There are also options to bring guests to any Planet Fitness club free of cost, provided you have a membership. Mostly, you may need a black card in order to bring a guest, but at some locations, even classic members can bring guests. The policy may vary from club to club.

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Final Thoughts

Planet Fitness pricing is set to suit budget gym goers. Hence, price wise, there is hardly any match for Planet Fitness in all of the United States.

However, despite such cheap membership prices, almost every club does offer quality workout facilities and a comfortable workout environment.

If you are really attracted to the cheapest membership pricing, then the classic membership is enough for you. But if you could add a few more bucks, then grab the prestigious black card, and enjoy those additional perks.

And if you feel like Planet Fitness is the gym you have been looking for, do grab a membership as quickly as possible. Because when it comes to fitness, starting late is itself a sin.

Planet Fitness Prices & Membership Cost 2024 | Dr Workout (2024)
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