The best small tattoos ideas for men & women (2024)

You may think that tiny tattoos are only for the faint of heart, but think again!

Not only have we written before about how small tattoos can often pack a whole lotta meaning, but truth be told: being covered in tattoos is definitely a lifetime devotion, and sometimes people just aren't down. Which is cool!

These miniature works of art add a little sparkle to anyones skin, and can often be full of creativity and surprising humor! In this particular selection of pieces we also tried to include ink that could be tattooed on anyone!

As the tattoo industry and community grows, so too do the influences of tattooing poke up in every artistic aspect of our lives! T-shirts, socks, pins, books, prints...even tv shows: they're all getting injected with the aesthetics of tattoo artwork.

This is totally awesome for a number of reasons (who doesn't love/need a lil more art in their lives?) but it also means that societal views on tattoos are quickly changing.

More people want ink, even if it only means a tiny drop of it! And to each their own, we dare say, since small tattoos, and even big tattoos, are a matter of taste and style. Not everyone wants a bodysuit, and we can totally understand that!

We also hope everyone realizes that just because someone has a bodysuit, over a small tattoo, definitely doesn't mean that the full body tattoo is more meaningful.

In fact, sometimes the opposite holds true: many of the people at Tattoodo are heavily tattooed, and some will explain that, after awhile, another tattoo is another tattoo. For many of us it's more about the memory or the experience of getting the piece, and this includes anyone who gets artwork on their body!

That being said, for those who don't have a whole lot of ink, choosing a minimalist tattoo to get can be more tricky...more of an internal conversation.

Perhaps a lot of them are asking, "Will I love this forever?" or "Will I regret getting a tattoo?"...and although we can't guarantee anything, we totally noticed, putting this collection together, that so many of these pieces really pack a punch!

Whether a nostalgic nod to favorite cartoons, a perfectly depicted origami crane, or even a simple heart tattoo...these unique pieces may be very minuscule, but they sure are magnificent.

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Small hand poke tattoos

Interestingly enough, another thing these tiny tattoos have in common, is that some of them are actually hand poke tattoos.

We're sure you've heard of it, but just in case: hand poke tattoos are non electric and simply describes the practice of tapping ink into the skin one poke at a time. It's such an incredible technique because it's absolutely ancient! For all you history buffs and tattoo nerds, you'll know that all archaic tattooing began this way.

Tribal tattoos, centuries ago, were created with tools very similar to the modern tattoo needle but usually consisted of bone, cactus spines, and other natural elements rather than molded metal.

It's so cool to think that contemporary tattoo artists are continuing this beautiful human tradition of expression!

As the even keeled tattoo professionals that we proudly proclaim to be, we will tell you: all tattoos are cool if they mean something to you, but not all tattoos need to be meaningful. Does that make sense?

Sometimes a micro tattoo could be boring to one person, and radicle to the next. That's what's so great about tattoos, and art, there is something for everyone, and we're sure to have it!

Small tattoos for men

When considering small tattoos for guys, there are a plethora of design options, styles and placements to choose from!

Tiny tattoos do not require simplicity or basic design components, just a skilled and precise artist who can make any vision come to life in a small space.

Thanks to the increased popularity and visibility of tiny tattoos many men are now sporting these small works of art.

Simple tattoo designs for men come in a variety of styles, subject matter and level of detail.

Whether you’re considering a tribal design, portrait or quote, tiny tattoos can cover it all. While some consider bold and large pieces to be “masculine”, tiny tattoos can still feel strong, meaningful and thought-provoking on their own. Bigger is not always better when it comes to body art, in fact sometimes the most impressive and skillful tattoos are created in this micro style.

As simple tattoos for guys rise in popularity we are even seeing celebrities sporting this look like Justin Bieber with his tiny “grace” face tattoo.

For men who have already covered most of their prime real estate with larger pieces, tiny tattoos are an excellent option for any filler space that you may have.

These designs also work great on areas of the body that tend to have constricted space, such as fingers, hands or feet. For men looking to dive into face tattoos tiny designs also come in handy, working to display the art without taking too much attention away from the face.

Whether you don’t want to financially or aesthetically commit to anything big, or you don’t love pain, tiny tattoos are a great place to start!

Small tattoos for women

While some women prefer sleeves, large scale pieces and bold placements, others are seeking more subtle, discreet and tiny tattoo designs.

Whether you feel that a tiny tattoo better compliments your style, or you just don’t want to commit to a large piece, there are a wide range of options for feminine and simple tattoos for women.

With a rise in minimalist fashion many women are now choosing to adorn their bodies with more subtle art.

Thanks to the popularity of these simple tattoos for girls many shops and artists are now specializing in creating badass micro designs.

Well known studios like West 4 Tattoo in NYC have received a great deal of attention for these precise and tiny works of art.

When exploring small tattoo designs for girls it’s apparent that they can embody a wide variety of styles and content.

Many women have chosen to pack incredible detail into their small tattoos, even replicating paintings and showcasing realistic portraits.

No matter what your concept is for your tattoo, it’s entirely possible to include the detail you want without creating something too large or bold.

Even if you tend to prefer larger pieces, or are already covered in tattoos, micro tattoos work wonderfully to fill in blank spaces and compliment smaller areas of the body such as the ears, fingers and hands.

Just make sure prior to your appointment that your artist is skilled and comfortable with creating such tiny pieces. These kind of tattoos require incredible accuracy and a steady hand, so it’s best to discern beforehand if your artist is versed in creating small pieces.

So, should I get a tiny tattoo?

No matter what your reasoning is behind choosing a small tattoo, rest assured that these compact designs can be laden with intricate detail, pack big meaning and appear just as impressive as a larger piece.

Simplicity in design can be incredibly powerful, stripping away unnecessary detail to really showcase the focal point of a tattoo. On the contrary, small tattoos incorporating vast levels of detail are also equally mesmerizing!

For those who are questioning if tattooing is for them, small and simple designs are a great place to begin. This is a great way to gauge your comfortability with permanent art and to assess your threshold for pain during the process.

Tiny tattoos are also perfect for professionals or those wishing to keep their tattoos more private and discreet. Although opinions around tattooing are steadily softening, there are still those who have strong feelings and judgements surrounding them. If you want to rock the art, but not incur a potential negative reaction, small tattoos are a great solution.

Regardless of the aesthetic, or content matter anyone can successfully rock a badass small tattoo!

To get started on your tiny tattoo journey check out our gallery for more inspiration and recommended shops!

The best small tattoos ideas for men & women (2024)
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