How to Write Compelling Announcement Email With Examples (2024)

People subscribe to your newsletter because they wish to know what's happening. Launching a new product, feature, or event is a perfect opportunity to communicate with your subscribers.

But most emails don't even get opened. Want to learn how to make your announcement emails effective? This guide will teach you how in under ten minutes.

Table of contents

  • What is an announcement email?

  • Types of announcement emails

  • How to write an announcement email?

    • 1. Customer research
    • 2. Establish an emotional appeal
    • 3. Craft a catchy subject line
    • 4. Create content focused on value
    • 5. Include visuals
    • 6. Add a call to action
  • Best 7 announcement email examples to get inspiration from in 2023

    • 1. Business process update announcement
    • 2. Product launch announcement
    • 3. Pre-order product announcement
    • 4. Upcoming event announcement
    • 5. Company news announcement
    • 6. Project going live announcement
    • 7. Corporate news announcement
  • Make announcements with Mailmodo

What is an announcement email?

An announcement email is a message sent by a business to inform contacts about a new product, service, or event. It is an effective way to spread the word about recent development and to encourage recipients to take a particular action.

Since most announcement emails have something important to say to the customer, the statistics are on your side. A Hubspot survey of B2B professionals suggests that announcement emails have a higher click-through rate.

Types of announcement emails

There are multiple things a business can tell its newsletter subscribers via newsletter announcement email. Here are some of the most common reasons to write an announcement email.

  • New business announcement emails are typically sent to a small number of people who have subscribed to the newsletter pre-launch. This letter lets them know the business is launched and ready to serve its customers.

  • New process launch announcement emails are also sent before the launch. These emails update subscribers on the development process and are crucial to creating buzz.

  • Website announcement emails share the news on either launching a new website or relocating to a new website.

  • Product launch announcement emails tell email subscribers that the company has launched a new type of good or service on its website.

  • New feature announcement emails inform subscribers that a new feature is coming out — typically a SaaS tool launching an update to their toolset.

**An announcement email is a message sent by a business to inform contacts about a new product, service, or event. It is an effective way to spread the word about recent development and to encourage recipients to take a particular action.

  • Announcement emails to employees are sent internally within a company to inform employees about an important update in the company policy or to announce a company-wide event.

How to write an announcement email?

Emails are typically very short, not more than 200 words. But anyone who works with email marketing knows it takes much more time to create emails than read them. To simplify this process, here's a quick guide on how to get started on writing an announcement email.

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1. Customer research

Sure, crafting the perfect email takes creativity. But it will fall short if you don't do your research first.

One of the ways you can research what your customers expect from your new products and features is by surveying your customers. Another method that doesn't take as many resources is keyword research.

You can explore keywords relevant to your business and current email campaign with marketing tools like the SE Ranking keyword generator. Pay special attention to keywords longer than three words. Long-form keywords often contain questions that people are searching for. Also, opt for keywords with high search volume, meaning higher interest in that phrase. This could give you an idea of what to put in your email.

How to Write Compelling Announcement Email With Examples (1)

It's not obligatory to run this analysis for every announcement email you send, but the data can benefit your email marketing.

2. Establish an emotional appeal

Before creating any announcement or marketing email, you must understand how the customer feels about it.

Do you want them to be in awe of your new makeup line? Do you want them excited about the new opportunities a launching feature brings? Or do you want them to be intrigued by the speakers at your latest webinar?

You need to choose the right angle in the email so that it doesn't just relay information but evokes an emotion in the reader. Craft your announcement email template for the email with that in mind.

3. Craft a catchy subject line

The subject line is one of the first things a newsletter subscriber will see, and it's what they will judge the email by. It has to be catchy without being misleading.

That's one of the hardest things in creating any email, and there's always an element of subjectivity. You can make the process more unbiased, creating several subject lines and asking your team to pick the best ones. Later, you can run A/B tests with the best picks to see what works best.

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4. Create content focused on value

When writing a copy for the email, you should include the information you want to announce. But this type of email doesn't have to be dry and informational.

Add a spin to your email and focus on the value the reader can get from it. Here's how we can change language from dry to value-based.

Original messageRevised value-based message
We’re launching a new makeup line.We’re bringing you new ways to be fabulous.
We’re launching a new automation feature.Save time with our company.
This month's webinar is tomorrow.Don’t miss out on industry insights tonight.
The company received an additional $5 mil in funding.With a new round of funding, we’re ready to expand.

Some emails need to be long, while some messages call for a couple of sentences and many visual elements. Even if yours is on the longer side, try to keep it under 200 words — people rarely have the time to read a long email. If you need to include more information, leave a link to it.

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5. Include visuals

Adding images to your email is the easiest way to tell your readers a lot while saying very little. Whether it's an image with an emotive appeal like a celebrity wearing your products, or a small infographic, a picture is always more communicative than a long email copy.

6. Add a call to action

In most cases, you send an email to get the user to perform an action. Make sure you're clear about what that action is and how they should proceed. Add a CTA button and make it stand out.

If your email is longer, add two CTAs, one right after the headline and another at the end of the email.

Best 7 announcement email examples to get inspiration from in 2023

The ultimate way to learn how to craft a perfect announcement email is by creating many of them and learning from your mistakes. But you shouldn't restrict yourself to only learning from mistakes and successes. Here are some announcement email samples you can use to learn the best practices.

1. Business process update announcement

How to Write Compelling Announcement Email With Examples (2)

Source: RellyGoodEmails

Subject line: We're changing our point of sale system this Tuesday!

The idea behind this announcement email example is brilliant. This company is changing its POS system and closing shop for a day. They're letting their customers know nothing is changing from their standpoint and answering some questions, thus making life easier for employees.

You might be wondering why it is essential to write an email if nothing is going to change. New customers will not spot the difference, but repeat customers will ask questions at the register. This email helps avoid that while showing some care for the customer base.

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The takeaway:

  • Inform your loyal customers about the small things

  • It's okay to keep the email short and text-only for announcements that don't bring anything major to your customers

  • Using an FAQ section in an email is an interesting idea

2. Product launch announcement

How to Write Compelling Announcement Email With Examples (3)

Source: Mailmodo

This email announces the launch of the latest version of a product. It features a large image to catch attention and explains the new product briefly before placing a CTA.

Readers who don't know much about the product can scroll down the CTA button and find links to explainer articles. That's a great way to handle information that can't be realistically featured in the email.

The takeaway:

  • Including a visual in the first part of an email for goods is a great idea

  • Adding the CTA right after the essential information may increase the click-through rate

  • Leaving links to information that doesn't fit in an email is okay

Pro tip: You can also send bulk emails about your product launch on the product hunt in your announcement email. You can customize and use our product hunt launch template for sending such announcements.

3. Pre-order product announcement

How to Write Compelling Announcement Email With Examples (4)

Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Subject line: Pre-order Pixel Buds Pro for immersive sound

Google Store makes three main points in this email:

  • A new product is going to launch soon

  • It's good

  • This store is the best place to pre-order it

It handles each in a short section of the launch announcement email. To explain the product's benefits in the email format features a brief description of the benefits along with a link to the website.

Since Google is a corporation, as to be expected, there's a rather lengthy legal disclosure covering marketing statements. Legal disclosure is not obligatory in most cases, but if you think your email may be construed as misleading due to marketing speak, it won't hurt to add one.

The takeaway:

  • Even concise copy can benefit from value-driven language

  • Shorten the email copy by providing links for further information

  • Two CTAs are not too many

  • Legal disclosure for marketing speak is a good idea

4. Upcoming event announcement

How to Write Compelling Announcement Email With Examples (5)

Source: Mailmodo

If the person who reads this email clicks the first CTA without scrolling down, all they're going to see is:

  • A headline that tells them clearly what the event is about

  • Who are the guests for the event

  • The date of the event

  • The CTA button

Honestly, that's more than enough to make a conversion. Additionally, you can go more in-depth about the event itself further down in the email. Personalize these emails and only send people announcements of events whose topics they are already interested in, as it often leads to increased conversions.

The takeaway:

  • Send people emails only if they have already shown interest in the related topic

  • Two CTAs are not too many

  • Personalizing larger event announcements, if possible, is a great idea

5. Company news announcement

How to Write Compelling Announcement Email With Examples (6)

Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Subject line: Anchor's analytics are now IAB certified

This email tells customers that the company has obtained an important certificate. Most people will understand that even without reading the email, the subject line conveys it clearly enough.

Those who open it will probably read a brief description of how the certification benefits them and not about how excited, and proud the company's CEO is. For those who want to learn more, there's a link to the detailed explanation on the website.

The takeaway:

  • For more formal announcements, make the subject line concise. It alone may be enough to communicate the information effectively.

  • Even formal events can be spun to show value for the customer

  • Complex topics can are best explained by making the email brief and leaving a link to a more detailed source of information

6. Project going live announcement

How to Write Compelling Announcement Email With Examples (7)

Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Subject line: Prepare for the Future of Warcraft, Username

"Company news for July" sounds okay. "Prepare for the future of our game" sounds epic. Blizzard went all in on the subject line of this email to make it click-worthy, plus it's a good wordplay since Future of Warcraft is the event's name.

The actual copy of the email tells the reader three dates of very important project announcements, and there is a link to learn more.

The takeaway:

  • Personalize your subject line if possible

  • Text links can be CTAs too

  • Important events can be communicated with a very brief email copy

7. Corporate news announcement

How to Write Compelling Announcement Email With Examples (8)

Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Subject line: Minor Figures is now carbon neutral!

This is a classic company policy update announcement email. Most of the information is conveyed through the subject line and the headline. The email explains what the update means for the customers in two sentences and invites them to learn more on the company blog.

The takeaway:

  • Communicate through the subject line

  • Make the email copy brief and to the point

  • Leave a link to learn more

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How to Write Compelling Announcement Email With Examples (2024)


How do you write a professional announcement email? ›

How to write an email announcement
  1. Start with an introduction. Begin your email by introducing the announcement. ...
  2. Explain relevance to the readers. ...
  3. Write a call to action. ...
  4. Provide additional details. ...
  5. Launching a product. ...
  6. Company event. ...
  7. New business.
Mar 10, 2023

How do you write an interesting exciting announcement? ›

Tips to Write an Effective Announcement Email
  1. Start with a clear subject line. ...
  2. Explain relevance to readers. ...
  3. Start with an introduction. ...
  4. Show recipients why the email is essential to them. ...
  5. Add a clear call to action. ...
  6. Use graphics to make your email more appealing.
Mar 1, 2023

Which of these is the best introduction sentence for an announcement email? ›

New software release email template

Hey [name], We are excited to announce the release of our new app, [name of app]. In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve our product/service and we believe that [name of app] will help you enjoy your experience with [company name] even more.

What is a good sentence for announcement? ›

Example Sentences

I heard an announcement on the loudspeaker saying that the store was closing in 10 minutes. The company president made an announcement about the merger. He asked us to pay attention because he had an important announcement to make.

How do you professionally announce something? ›

Keep your tone gracious and professional. The length of an effective announcement letter rarely exceeds more than one page. Try to anticipate questions ahead of time and provide answers to potential questions in the letter. Remember your target audience and focus on their interests throughout the announcement.

How do you communicate good news professionally? ›

You might find this format helpful:
  1. Be direct: start with the good news to put the reader in a positive frame of mind.
  2. Give supporting details, explanation and commentary. These should be clearly organized. ...
  3. If there are any drawbacks, state them clearly but positively. ...
  4. End with a note of thanks or congratulations.

How is a meaningful announcement written? ›

Be direct and concise in your announcement. Your reader will be able to understand the information quickly and can refer back to it easily. Write a short, friendly announcement that's to the point when you're sharing positive news.

How do you write a creative announcement? ›

How do you write an announcement? Keep announcements clear, concise and with your audience in mind. Include only the most important information, like the date, time and location of an event or the details of the achievement you're celebrating. You may want to add a photo or illustration to go with the announcement.

How do you make announcements more engaging? ›

Use bold letters for the most important keywords.

Even though it is a straightforward method, it is one of the most important details to get the attention of the audience when you're writing an announcement. Additionally, consider trying to take advantage of emojis.

What is an example of a professional introduction email? ›

Dear Colleagues, My name is Ryan Sinclair, and I have recently joined (company) as the new Marketing Director. I want to introduce myself to you all and take this opportunity to express how excited I am to be joining the company at this point. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to get in touch.

How do you write a company wide announcement? ›

Start with a clear and concise summary: Begin the announcement by summarizing the changes that are going to happen, including the reasons behind them and how they will impact the organization and its employees. This will give employees an overview of what to expect and help to set the context for the announcement.

What are examples of telling sentences? ›

A telling sentence tells about something. It ends with a period (.). Abe has three dogs. I can make a cake.

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  • For example . . .
  • For instance . . .
  • To illustrate . . .
  • Specifically . . .
  • We can see this in . . .
  • This is evidenced by . . .
  • Consider the [case/example] of . . .
Jun 2, 2022

How do you write a formal announcement? ›

Announcement Letter Writing Tips to Remember:
  1. Stick to the content and pay attention to the details.
  2. Use simple language and keep it short.
  3. Be gracious (and professional) in your letter.
  4. Use the letter as an opportunity to build goodwill.
  5. Proofread for grammatical and spelling errors.

How do you announce good news in an email? ›

Professional & Informal Ways to Give Good News in English

I'd like to tell you we accepted your offer. I'm/we're (really) happy to inform you that… I'm happy to inform you that your application has been approved. I've/we've got some good news for you…

How do you start a formal announcement letter? ›

In the very first paragraph, make sure to introduce the receiver to the event. The very first sentence must state the reason for writing a letter. You need to write detailed information on the event in the second paragraph and include all necessary points.

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